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Torino Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.
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To get a quick quotation, please inform us:

1. CAD drawing (if not available, we can provide);

2.  your warehouse layout;

3. dimension of the rack (length, depth and height);

4. What is the pallet you will use, and the size?

5. How many levels and bays of the rack you need?

6. What’s the load capacity of each level?

7. RAL color 

For heavy duty beam racking, shelves and the basic elements of design in the warehouse area:

1. Tray size and height of the cargo (W * D * H);

2. The weight of the goods (including trays or bins);

3. Forklift lifting height and available clear height of the warehouse;

4. Selection of forklift truck models or parameters;

5.  Forklift access of goods into the fork direction;

6. Connectors and assembled structure, the height adjustable uniform, optimized cross-section design and high quality steel, can be configured to ordinary forklift,  forward forklift, three way forklift trucks and other models of forklift, is the most commonly used storage system design.