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Plastic Pallet

  • Description

Plastic pallet is ideal for export, pharmaceutical, medical and food applications. Made of high-density virgin polyethylene for longer life. It's safer to handle than wooden pallets.


1. Color and size customized;

2. Maintenance free & safer than wooden pallets;

3. Can print your LOGO as you required;

4. Pallet with 100% Virgin HDPE material;

5. Cleanable, non-poisonous pallets built for the most stringent sanitary demands;

6. Plastic pallets offer an economic alternative to wood pallets or skids;

7. Recyclable and washable.


Item Specification (mm) Net Weight Static Load Danamic Load Shelf Load
TR1210A 1200*1000*150 12.3KG 4T 1T  
TR1208C 1200*800*150 19.4KG 5T 1.5T 0.7T
TR1208D 1200*800*155 16.5KG 4T 1T 0.8T
TR1210C 1200*1000*150 23.1KG 6T 1.5T 1T
TR1111A 1100*1100*145 10.1 2T 0.8T  
TR1210E 1200*1000*160 23.7 6T 1.5T 1T
TR1208D 1200*800*155 19.4 6T 1.5T 1T
TRMI-2 834*456*63 3.5 0.8 0.3  


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