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Mould Drawer Rack

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It is mainly used for storage of all kinds of moulds, which It is well known that  horizontal surfaces of high strength concrete  (HSC) is susceptible to Encapsulates Seeing Machines’ face tracking algorithms in a straightforward Windows API. Created for programmers and product developers, faceAPI delivers world-class face tracking using off the shelf hardware. For more information on faceAPI.

Is purpose built for tracking and managing driver drowsiness and distraction. Designed for all operations where fatigue is a critical risk factor, the DSS provides real-time feedback to both operators and managers. The DSS features integration with fleet management systems and comes with tools that visualize your operations in the context of fatigue and distraction, including comprehensive microsleep reports. Reduce accident frequency and severity in your operations with the DSS. 



Is an ophthalmic device that revolutionizes visual field testing. A truly objective test, the TFA Perimeter requires no subjective input from the patient, and instead exploits the autonomous pupillary response to determine potential abnormalities in the visual field. Test both eyes simultaneously, in much less time, with much happier patients. To learn more about how the TrueField Analyzer is revolutionising glaucoma testing please visit the website.

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