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Stacking Rack

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This innovation is matched perfectly with quality and consistency of manufacture that guarantees you will fit your racking and forget it for a very long time.

This success is truly represented with over 10,000 installations in over 50 This is the most common design of pallet racking used.  The standardized "teardrop" connection design makes the uprights and crossbeam interchangeable with those from other manufacturers.  This design is very versatile and the boltless design simplifies reconfiguration of beam levels.  The alternative to boltless racking is structural pallet rack which is assembled with mechanical fasteners (usually bolts) and may offer higher capacities.  Structural pallet racking is also sometimes designed into the structure of the building itself supporting the roof and eliminating the need for I-beams.

Main Use:

This shows the most common configuration of selective pallet racking where single pallet depth racking is placed back to back. This configuration can be used with wide aisles (more than 11') using a standard forklift, in narrow aisles(8'-10') using a reach truck, and very narrow aisles (less than 6') using order selectors, turret trucks, and swing mast trucks.

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