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    • Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

      Store and quickly identify large bulky items. Easy access with fold-down gate. Zinc-coated steel. Open mesh construction allows excellent ventilation. Stackable, with or without casters. Folds down for easy storage. 4-way forklift access.

      Wire Mesh Decking

      Open grid wire mesh decking is used at most warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets from falling through the rack structure.

      Steel Metal Pallet Box

      The steel box pallet For small and bulk storage and turnover, can be stacked 3-4 layer, use convenient, empty when folding piled up, take up small space. Applicable to various warehousing, logistics, and export standards in high temperature, drench the situation is still not affected. Bearing major, long service life, we can make various dimensions according your requirement.

      Steel Metal pallet

      Steel Metal pallets are a great alternative to wood or plastic pallets due to increased strength, fire resistance, ease of cleaning, and ability to reuse indefinitely. This makes them ideal for supply chain loops.

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