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    • Long span shelving

      Long Span Shelving is designed for the hand-loading of medium to heavy loads and is ideal for storing small quantities of a large variety of product types. Quick and easy assembly Can be adapted to a shelving module for any load configuration "Z" beam design can accommodate galvanized steel shelf panels, reinforced wire decking, hanger beams for storing textiles and clothing, or particle board

      Boltless Shelving

      Boltless steel shelving from My Factory is a heavy duty, industrial grade steel shelving system that is easy quick and easy to assemble that requires no nuts or bolts. A boltless shelving unit can be installed with the use of a rubber mallet only, no need for wrenches, screws, etc...Although simple and easy to assemble, these industrial shelving units can be configured to handle any heavy duty application for your facility.

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