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        Teardrop pallet racking

        Teardrop pallet racking is one of the most popular types of storage solution in the whole

        American market.

        Product Feature

        1. Teardrop pallet racking provides an enhanced, rigid, automatic lock for improving safety.

        2. The hole pitch is 2 inch distance, easy to assemble and adjust freely by pitch.

        3. Torino rack provide two types of upright frame: Welded and bolted type.

        4. Be equipped with wire mesh decking or steel plate on the step beam.

        5. High density storage capacity ,maximizing storage space and minimizing storage costs.

        6. Compliance the certificate with ISO9001:2008,CE,AS4084-2012.

        Teardrop pallet racking upright

        1. Section: 3''x3'', pitch: 2''.

        2. Thickness: 15Ga, 14Ga, 13Ga, 11Ga.

        3. Depth: 36'',42'', 48'', other sizes are available.

        4. Height: 8',10',12',16',18',24', other sizes are available.

        5. Upright section:

        6. Upright load capacity:

        7. Welded upright frame

        8. Bolted upright frame

        Teardrop pallet rack beam

        1. Step beam section: 3'', 3.5'', 4'', 4.5'', 5'', 5.5'', 6'', 6.25'', 6.5''.

        2. Step beam length: 96'',108'',120'',144'', other sizes are available.

        3. Step beam section:

        4. Step beam load capacity:

        Teardrop pallet Racking wire decking

        Sunnyrack provide three styles of wire decking: Flared wire decking, Drop in wire decking and Channel wire decking.

        1. Flared wire decking

        Engineered to fit all styles of beams, as they are designed to fit beams that have no insert or step. The universal fit is ideal for applications that utilize step beam, box beam or structural beam.

        2. Drop in wire decking

        Drop in wire decking sits inside the two steps of the beams, creating a flush and snug fit.      

        3. Channel wire decking

        Engineered with a welded channel that fits on the ledge of the step beam. Channel wire decking is a very popular style now. It is widely used on the teardrop pallet rack now.


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