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        Products Feature:  
        1. Push back pallet racking provides highly effective use of space by combining high-density storage with high-speed access.    Products Feature:  
        2. Push back pallet racking operates on the FILO (First In, Last Out) principle.    Products Feature:  
        3. Conventional forklift trucks load pallets into inclined magazines for storage. Once loaded, the pallets return automatically to the front of the rack by gravity. By retrieving from the front of the rack, pallets are stored on a FILO basis.
        4. The system offers safe and dense storage for 2, 3 and 4 deep pallet storage. Typically up to 5 pallets high. The weight of the single pallet with goods is normally less than 1500kg. v 5. The safety and relatively fast accessing of the products is achieved as the fork-lift truck does not enter the racking. It is used for storing large quantity of goods with the same kind, and make full use of the space.



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